Thank you for your interest in Red & White Taxi, LLC
You will need to obtain a Public Service Endorsement on your Connecticut license in order to
operate a Taxicab in the State of Connecticut. This is also called a PSL.

If you have a valid PSL or Chauffers License from another state, i.e. RI or NY and you maintain
your residency in that state then you are all set - it is valid for Connecticut.

This what you need to do to acquire a PSL:
Go to your nearest full service Connecticut DMV  center. 
Go to the Inspectors counter (you don't need to get a number ticket).
Ask for a PSL package for "Taxicab".
In that package you will receive:
1. A Physical Form to be filled out by a doctor. Don't forget to have the doctor
fill out the little Phyical Card also.
2.  Fingerprint cards (2) - these can be done at your local Police station - no charge.
3.  A PSL Application Form.

Once you have these items completed, bring them back to the Inspectors counter at the DMV.
You will need a Money Order for $19.25 made payable to "DMV". 
We recommend that you make a copy of everything before you hand in your application.
They will give you a receipt indicating they have received you application.

Read the last paragraph on this page:
download this form:

Additional CT PSL info:

Information/requirements on obtaining a PSL can be found on This Page.

Here are links to some of the required forms:

Physical Form (on this page download R-323 & R-328 & Y-14)

PSL Application Form (download R-7)

Please note that you will still have to obtain the 2 fingerprint cards that are included in
the package from DMV.

Also, you may pick up a PSL package directly from our dispatch office
at 158 Montauk Ave. New London, CT.  Please call ahead to confirm that
we have them.

Any questions? Please call 443-2255 or Email us.

Standards of Review From Connecticut DMV

Driving Record – an applicant is disqualified for five (5) years from the conviction date of the following offenses:  driving while intoxicated, evading responsibility, manslaughter in the 2nd degree with a motor vehicle, assault in the 2nd degree with a motor vehicle.  An applicant is disqualified for three years from the conviction date of the following offenses:  reckless driving, negligent homicide with a motor vehicle, and driving under suspension.

In addition, an applicant is disqualified for any four (4) moving violations within a two year period until one of the violations is dropped from the driving record.

Criminal Record – an applicant is also subject to a state and national criminal records check and may be disqualified for a conviction or pending charge for a serious offense.

Medical Review – an applicant must meet certain medical qualifications regarding vision, blood pressure, hearing and other medical conditions that may jeopardize public safety.